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Food Shortage & Self-Sufficiency with Growing and Procuring Food


Many of us are aware that a shortage of food is purposely being created using weather warfare to destroy crops, drought inducement so nothing grows at all feigning bird flu to justify killing all the turkeys or chickens from a farm and massive fish die offs. And, now, the Covid plannedemic is being used to destroy even more food sources by way of claiming people working at meat plant have Covid so meat has to be thrown away, a barrister that wants to make eating meat illegal, letting food rot so it doesn't reach people, demanding people stay home and businesses close so that people run out of money and food. See a pattern here? How can you not?

Humanity is being starved on purpose. First, I give you some examples of this, and then tips for self-sufficiency with food. These are only some of the examples of how a shortage of food is being created on purpose. Don't throw away the seeds and pits of the fruit you eat, save them. Being that people aren't being allowed to go out into nature to procure food; this page covers only vegetarian food. It would be great if communities get together and create community gardens.


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