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Alternative Energy Sources

Most of us alive today have heard of alternative energy sources such us solar, wind or Tesla energy. With lack of sun (and even some local governments making having solar panels illegal); solar energy is hardly viable and then there is the killing of millions of birds with the use of windmills for harnessing wind energy and still the electric company is needed to run a household.

Tesla energy had been known by the government since the early 1900's. Tesla's main concept was to work with the earth's electromagnetic fields and to harness cosmic rays or static from the air and then convert into energy. Here is list of some his patents and how they worked: Tesla's ideas of how to generate energy still works today and you can find a step-by-step guide on how to build your own generator here: is a video showing a large Tesla coil working in Oklahoma: I hope no one tries this out in the open as in the video as it looks too dangerous for birds flying by and animals on the ground.


With the rolling out of toxic smart meters to monitor and ration our use of electricity (Agenda 21); it is hard to believe that something we can make ourselves (after getting the needed equipment) would be allowed. If we become forced to have smart meters on our houses, then it would be a good idea to know how to create and use some of our own power source.

Keshe is having plasma generators created and sold around the world for about $200.00 in the U.S. and 500 euros in Europe. Here is the link to Keshe's page:

Side note: That fossils create fuel is a myth created by Rockefeller to give the impression of scarcity to give fuel more value. Bones do not turn into oil. The earth creates it regularly underground as a natural process, just as it does primary water.

Below are two videos that demonstrate how to create a small plasma generator and one that demonstrates light bulbs being powered by a free energy device:


Keshe Plasma Generator ~ Here is The Future ~ Infinite Energy

Site included in description of above vid: The New Energy Industry



Plasma Ball Free Energy Generator



John Kanzius Water as Fuel Unlocked by Frequency Resonance



How to make solar panel / solar cell at home




How to make Free energy Solar system using Glass Mirror with fan Toys - Simple at home 2018



How to Make Electromagnet Experiment



Awesome Creative Free Energy Using Magnet With Copper Wire 100%


Electricity explained: Magnets and electricity



More on Free Energy: Free Energy For Liberty - Robert Otey (Video)


Free Energy Generator for light bulbs "Free Energy" led bulbs (Video)




Some Helpful Links


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For mobility, you might like to know How to Make a Solar-Powered Battery Charger.

The future of using plasma-gasification technologies to make fuel from trash -

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There has been some talk of turning sand into fuel. Here are a few links on the topic:

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and then there has also been people talking about making fuel from trash:

How Garbage-powered Cars could Work

Factory near Tesla that turns trash to jet fuel moves closer to reality


and other alternative ways to generate power:

An hour on this bicycle will give your house enough power for 24 hours

These Sky-High Balloons Could Generate More Power Than Solar Panels

Free Solar Energy Fan With Mirror Glass



Disclaimer: I have not yet tried a free-energy device myself, and unlike what was said in a recent article by Natural News, I do not believe or claim that free energy produces no heat or that it comes from unseen universes. I am sharing the information about free energy only so that you can be aware of more options available to you. Use at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any injuries that might occur as a result of your making your own adult decision to try to create or use a generator.


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